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Welcome to my online art gallery, 

Thank g-d, I've had the privilege and honor to share my art with so many art enthusiasts, for gifts or as beautiful wall art for living rooms, dining rooms,  and Chabad Houses all over the USA, Canada, and the EU.

As you browse for the right piece of art, keep in mind that you can’t compare the beauty and impact of any of these art pieces as they appear on your screen, to how it affects you in real life as an actual full-size canvas, original or print, hanging on the wall in your home.

Once you do find the right piece, you can make your purchase with complete peace of mind, because just as I give you the best product and service I can, I also give you my 90 Day, 100% Satisfaction, Money Back Guarantee.

I try to personally answer any questions you may have about
price, quality, and availability.

Looking forward to hearing from you,