You can get a 20% commission!



Great news!

Now you can share a simple link by Email or Facebook, Twitter etc.. or just tell a friend to use "your name" at checkout,

They'll get a 10% discount on everything in their shopping cart,  at the same time you earn 20% commission on that sale.

Here’s how it works, 

You send in your contact information and "Your Name" will be added to Affiliate List.

“Your Name” will also be your “Discount Code”:

Whenever a sale is made, the Afilliate system  will register  how many times "your code" was used, and how much you earned.

You also get an easy link that you can share,

that automatically enters your discount code at checkout:

You share your link:

or discount code: YOUR_NAME

by email and social media,


Your friend goes to and uses “Your Code” at Checkout.



They get the 10% Discount.
You get a 20% Commission!

That’s it!

That's my 10/20 Win/Win Deal!

If you're interested, then I want you on my team!

Send me your Name, Email, and your Message.

And we'll get started today!