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From a very young age, I developed my G-d given gifts in music and the creative arts.  

Over the years, I’ve worked on many artistic and musical projects, in my youth at school and camp as well as numerous artistic works for Lag B’Omer Parades etc.. 

In 1992, I was the directing artist for Chabad’s traveling “Great Jewish Children's Expo,” with over 120,000 visitors worldwide. 

In 1998, I attended The Academy of Design in Montreal, where I focused on digital arts and animation. 

Since then, I’ve created musical animated videos ads and tutorials, web, branding, commercial art etc..,

as well as  “MitzvahTeam” the popular 45 min. Animated Video DVD for kids

Drawing portraits has always been one of my favorite art forms, since my youth like this  

I hope that my art inspires acts of goodness and kindness, so that we merit to hasten the coming of the final redemption with Moshiach, speedily in our days. 

I live in Montreal, Canada, with my wife and children, G-d bless them.  


Peretz Schmukler  


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